I'm Going Nuts

I have a yeast infection that doesn't want to leave. I DID leave and then they started me on an antibiotic that gies yeast infections. Now it's back and like me.  I had ANOTHER dr visit. I've had enough of those visits to last the rest of my life....


Accents get me in trouble. If I hear an accent, I start talking in it. Not to be rude, it just happens. But more often than not people thimk I'm being rude.

Tummy Trouble

I have severe stomach cramps that are coming in waves. It's annoying. Nothing else. Just tummy cramps. OH BOTHER!

First Day

Today was my first day at my new job. Oh man is it a great one!  Turns out the main person I work with is someone I knew as a kid. The hours are perfect, the job is awesome, and I love it!


I got a new job today! I can already tell I'm going to love it.  It's Monday-Friday 9-3.  Exactly what I wanted.


So, this morning my daughter requested breakfast in bed.  She just turned 5 and has to my knowledge never seen anyone have breakfast in bed.


So I finally heard from my dr. The antibiotic that was perscribed yesterday is the ONLY one that can get rid of the infection I have. So now I have to remain on the yeast pills that have been hurting my liver.  I spent quite some time in tears. I'm...

Going in circles.

I had an infection. Antibiotics for that infection gave me a yeast infection. Yeast infection caused another infection. Treatment? The antibiotic that gave me the yeast infection.  I was told I would hear from my doctor  about a different...


I have a strange longing for a time and life I have never been a part of. I long for the time when one would arrive in a new place, to virgin land and there create a life and future for them selves.  I long for the challenge and pride of such a...


Lets challenge our nations leaders to live off minimum wage for 1 month. They would have to pay for housing, food, car, child care, school supplies, clothes, shoes, all the daily expenses. And then we could throw challenges at them like emergency...

Thoughts v. Expression & The Point of This Blog.

Have any of you noticed that there are times when your thoughts and your expression of those thoughts might not flow as smoothly as you would have hoped or wished or even thought as you wrote them? And have you noticed that there are those who jump...

Books adapted for the screen.

There are some books that are better as movies. However I have noticed that more often than not the book is destroyed after it has been adapted for the screen. Any one out there agree? Has anyone had a favorite book destroyed like that?

Extreme Couponing

I love to watch the show Extreme Couponing.  The stock piles are awesome.  I would love to do it but the last time I tried it was an epic fail.  

Job Hunting.

Job hunting sucks! I resigned from my job a couple of weeks ago. I could no longer take the abuse.  Now I am looking for another job.  And no one is calling back. Ah well. Cookie dough time.


An antibiotic I was put on as a "precaution" caused a yeast infection. And the dope last night didn't catch it. Dope. Smart doctor today! YAY!

Doctor Dope

Caved in and went to E.R. last night.  Doctor Dope was on duty. Accused me of lying about when I was last at the dr. Called him out on it and he was embarrassed by it. So he got even more nasty. Didn't like me telling him what I thought it was....

Health Issues

I have an issue that has been seen by 2 different doctors. Both have said everything is normal.  Why then is it persisting? Is everything truly all right? Or is something horrible growing that isn't clear yet? I'm not going to lie, I'm...

T.V. Shows

I love British t.v. shows. As Time Goes By Keeping Up Appearances Next Of Kin Keeping Mum Woof! Downton Abbey On the Up   I can't help wondering...Am I alone?

Creating ones own entertainment.

The monotony of life can sometimes make us dull or tired. So, take time every day to make some fun for yourself. I don't mean land yourself in jail or the newspapers for something off the wall. The best fun is the fun only you are having but...