So, I have 2 small lumps in a very private area. Well, you need the special doctor to examin them anyway. Been putting it off first because for a couple of months there was only 1, second because they both presented as bug bites, and third because the...

Mind over body.

Which will brake first? My mind or my body?  My mind is full. Full of worry, full of appointments, of lists and life. My body seems to be giving up. I have to see a doctor about a neck issue that doesn't want to fully resolve. I have put on even...

The Ape Movie

I can't wait to see the ape movie! I don't go to the movies often. Too cheap you know. But this is one I want to see in a theatre.


My daughter has decided to stay up most nights until 12 or 1 am and gets up most mornings at 5 or 6 am. I work all day and have to take care of everything from grocery shopping (god forbid my husband can follow a LIST!) to laundry to most housework...

I had another thought...That's 2 this year! ;-)

I was thinking about all the animal attacks, weather related stories, murders, global craziness and I wondered... is it truly that more horrible things are happening? Or is it simply the age of communication we live in where the information is there...


We took our daughter for a movie treat today. We saw the new despicable me movie. She LOVED it! Now, I'm not much for the series but I enjoyed it too.

No Lie!

We used to own a taxi company. One night I drove a womand from the grocery store to her home and she told me... wait for it....Jesus Christ came to her and taught her how to make cheesecake from her own milk! 

Summer with kids.

My 5 year old is doing a summer program at school. And thank heavens for it!  She had 2 weeks off at the start of summer and will have 2 weeks off at the end.  And we take her swimming every evening. That helps her sleep. And today we...


Butterfingers, Baby Ruths and Crunch bars could be no more? NOOOOOO! I LOVE butterfingers!

Areas to work on.

Do you ever think about the areas in your life you need to woek on? I do. There are things I work on every day. And areas I think about working on every day.  For example, while I have a great deal of patience in some areas, I have no patience...