Duggar Law Suit

I've been seeing in the news that the 4 Duggar sisters that were molested by their brother are sueing for invasion of privacy.

Now, I have gone back to the original articals and all they say is that he molested 4 sisters.

Then 2 came out on record and defended him.

Now all 4 are listed on the suit. 

So it seems to me that they invaded their own privacy. 

Not 1 was named in the press prior to them coming out in his defense. And after that the only 2 actually named were the 2 that went on record OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL!

So it just seems to me to be another way of getting attention. And lots of money. I say this because there have also been reports that the sisters show won't be around much longer due to poor rateings.

Interesting it was AFTER those reports they decided to sue.


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Comments (2)

  1. honestycounts

    I personally think that’s one weird ass family period..

    May 25, 2017
    1. thoroughlyrandom


      May 25, 2017