Health Issues

I have an issue that has been seen by 2 different doctors. Both have said everything is normal. 

Why then is it persisting?

Is everything truly all right? Or is something horrible growing that isn't clear yet?

I'm not going to lie, I'm scared.

I can face anything if I know what it is. I will fight with everything in me to overcome it. It's the not knowing. 

The boogie man if you will.

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Comments (7)

  1. Bettymom

    I agree, it’s terrible to know something’s wrong with you and not be able to find out what it is. I had gall bladder problems for six years before one of the doctors figured it out. Until then, I had been told I had a nervous stomach and was given treatment for an ulcer I didn’t have! Have you been to a woman doctor? It’s been my experience that they’re more sensitive.

    May 27, 2017
    1. thoroughlyrandom

      Yes. 2. It’s a um women area. But they say I’m fine. And they took my gall bladder last October. LOL

      May 27, 2017
      1. Bettymom

        If you’re like me, you’re slowly growing hollow.

        May 27, 2017
        1. thoroughlyrandom


          May 27, 2017
          1. Nightbane

            Have you been checked for helicobacter pylori, also known as H. pylori ? This nasty little bacterium hides in the stomach and can mimic nearly anything from gall bladder, to brain tumours, to arthritis. In those who do not develop ulcers/acid reflux/ GERD it is nearly universal to suffer a chronic drain of energy ( sometime misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome ) and poor appetite, inability to sleep or concentrate well, low stress tolerance, continuing intolerance of foods and marked preference for highly acidic food nd liquids. Half the population have it, twenty percent develop ulcers from it and all who have it tend to develop quality of life troubles even if it doesn’t make ulcers. indeed, nearly everyone I know had ( yes, past tense ) ulcers has had them spontaneously heal when H pylori was discovered and treated other than where the ulcers had been multiple and gone to chronic bleeding.
            If you are taking PPIs ( like nexium or prilosec ) there is a test involving a special drink and breathalyzer reads CO2 that accurately shows the presences of this nasty little bug. if not taking PPIs, a simple blood or stool test will show it. treatment is two sorts of antibiotics taken orally for ten days.
            there is no immunity to it but once got rid of and one learns how it is contracted it is rare to become reinfected.
            I have a dear one had it for absolute years and was never a thought given to checking it. she was variously diagnosed as epileptic, having a assorted heart conditions,as having herpes, as having gall bladder troubles and one lot decided she was simply hysterical, making it all up. She was told she had GERD or acid reflux. These are classic symptoms of H pylori. she actually had/has NONE of these. Once she was treated, she no longer has any troubles above mentioned, her arthritis calmed down to bare minimum and now responds to treatment, her perspiration no longer contains strong ammoniac scent ( like cats had pissed on her shirts ) her tears and other body fluids are clear again and no longer resemble the fluids from an abscess, her menstrual cycles became normal again and she has energy and interest in life again as she hasn’t since thirty years ago.
            Not everyone develops all the above symptoms and some develop a peculiar form of glaucoma caused only by H pylori but too terribly often misdiagnosed as the regular sort. Dear one’s optometrist is the one who caught it and suggested the test.
            H pylori is overlooked because it was only discovered in 1990 by a dentist. It is also overlooked because doctors and drugs companies make far more treating the sypmtoms and for 20% of those infected the eventual ulcers come of it.
            I think everyone should be tested for it. It is passed through sharing food and drink, sexual contact and by drinking less than clean water, consuming unwashed or poorly washed vegetables that are grown in … well… manure.
            Anyone with ulcers not caused by booze or having drunk bleach or summat like and everyone has GERD/ acid reflux should be tested and as an astonishing 95% of them will test positive and can be cured.
            Apologies for going on so but information is the best medicine in many cases and doctors must be strongly prompted to run this test in many places, especially in USA.

            May 27, 2017
  2. honestycounts

    It sounds as though you may be ok……………..

    May 27, 2017
  3. corinnegescheidle

    Have you seen a gynecologist, they specialize in the ‘woman area’. I thought I had a problem once, lots of bleeding, like every day.. for months on end, I thought I was dying. But then one day, it stopped and boom back to normal. It was just a lot of shedding, which is normal, but I had an extremely heavy flow. Just ask around, call different people, talk. Don’t be ashamed to talk about it even if it’s in the ‘woman area’.

    May 27, 2017