I'm Going Nuts

I have a yeast infection that doesn't want to leave. I DID leave and then they started me on an antibiotic that gies yeast infections. Now it's back and like me. 

I had ANOTHER dr visit. I've had enough of those visits to last the rest of my life.

Thanks for letting me rant.

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Comments (2)

  1. SEC

    May I suggest eating live culture yogurt? Many of the antibiotics are not target specific and not only attack the bacteria/yeast that is causing the problem but also the good biota that allow our digestive tract to function properly. The live culture yogurts repopulate the good biota and help to prevent digestive problems caused by the antibiotics

    June 22, 2017
  2. morningfog

    Sack off all sugar. It feeds all yeasts.

    June 22, 2017