Lets challenge our nations leaders to live off minimum wage for 1 month. They would have to pay for housing, food, car, child care, school supplies, clothes, shoes, all the daily expenses.

And then we could throw challenges at them like emergency car repairs, kids getting sick so they miss work, rise in food costs. 

And watch. Kind of like the Hunger Games. 

I wonder what exactly would happen with our government after that. 

Anyone out there who wants to see some VERY interesting documentaries should go on Youtube and type Boys Alone Doc and Girls Alone Doc. Two awesome docs made in Britain.

I believe the Boys Alone doc would be nearer the mark for what would happen if my idea were made a reality. 

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Comments (7)

  1. Bettymom

    Great idea! I don’t think anyone could do it, of course, but isn’t that the point? It would be an interesting thing to watch. I can just see the Donald – and his wife!!

    June 02, 2017
  2. Nightbane

    YES! Or to live of the so – called median wage divided by twelve for the same month. euther way, I think it would be a reality check for all of them.

    June 02, 2017
  3. magnocrat

    An almost empty house of commons debated the minimum wage in the UK showing how concerned our leaders are about the issue.
    Knowing human nature I suspect you would get some takers to participate in your scheme as it may well boost their profiles. The old saying ’ how the other half live ’ is an accurate one it is a built in part of our survival mechanism. I could add one of my own don’t look back when your doing well.

    June 02, 2017
    1. stevehayes13

      Almost all debates in the house of Commons are conducted with very few members present.

      June 04, 2017
  4. magnocrat

    I had a look apparently that information is not available but I’m sure you are correct why be somewhere when you are not required to be there. We could call it voluntary government.
    I worked for awhile as a clerk in the civil service sometimes I sat all day with no work at all while opposite me sat others rushed of their feet trying to cope. I would not have missed the experience four the world.

    June 04, 2017
    1. stevehayes13

      You could simply consult Hansard.

      June 04, 2017
      1. thoroughlyrandom

        But the entertainment value! Can you imagine the trumps?

        June 04, 2017