Oh Man!

I think something is wrong with me. I was watching Homeward Bound with my daughter and started crying when they found and saved the little girl. 

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  1. bluevader

    Isn’t that the one with the flying Geese escorted home by a girl and her father flying their microlight or small piper cub or something? Fantastic film, though I don’t remember the girl getting lost in it, but I do remember welling up at the sight of a plane acting as mummy goose with the flock following behind. It may even be based on a true story… I think it is an Australian film if I remember rightly. Actually, perhaps it was called “Fly Away Home” or something like that…

    I will – with a small amount of embarrassment – admit that – a few years ago – I welled up enough for a couple of actual tears to emerge, when watching the animated film “Horton Hears a Who…” – I was rather overwhelmed by a scene where the whole of “WhoLand” or whatever it was called, – every person in it – marched up and down their streets blowing trumpets and chanting “We Are Here! We Are Here!” having learned the news that their whole universe may be wiped out. They thought that if they could make enough noise, the elephant in the next universe would hear them and take action to stop them from being wiped out (which – somehow – was going to happen due to the next-door universe not knowing of their existence)… It’s a kid’s cartoon and nuts, but it got me that day! It is well worth watching if you have not already.

    April 19, 2017